Rule Animal National Park World Otter Day Join the Otter Takeover

World Otter Day Join the Otter Takeover

The IOSF World Otter Day takes place on the last Wednesday in May each year and aims to draw attention to the 13 species of fish otters-all of which are on the IUCN Red List and the populations of 12 of them are still declining.

This includes the Eurasian otter, which is the only species found in Britain and Europe, and is also found in Asia and North Africa.

It is often thought that this species is doing well because it is beginning to recover in parts of Europe, but we know almost nothing about it in the rest of its vast range, that is
all of Asia and Russia.

The IOSF launched World Otter Day in 2009 as Otter crazy week with a week of events and education. In 2014, it became otter Awareness day and in 2016, the IOSF World Otter Day.

Things were very different during the recent times, because social events obviously could not happen in person, but it is important to make people aware of otters, the risks they face and the importance of protecting them.

So social media has played an important role and continues to do so. INSTAGRAM Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post everything on Otter, both before the day and on the day itself, and also share regular IOSF publications.

We must draw attention to the threats to otters – habitat loss, hunting, unlawful trade in furs and domestic animals. There has long been an unlawful trade in otters for fur, but now the pet trade is growing rapidly, especially in Asia and especially with Asian small-clawed otters.

That’s why this year we’re focusing on stopping this pet otter trade, and Battersea Park Petting Zoo has produced a great poster to remind people not to support this trade by sharing “cute” otter photos on social media. People are often unaware that simply sharing these images only encourages people to want their own pet otter.

IOSF World Otter Day events take place around the world, including Costa Rica, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Japan, India, the United States and throughout the United Kingdom. The IOSF has again been able to award four scholarships on the occasion of World Otter Day for projects in India, Rwanda, Nepal and Ireland.

Ben Yoxon, Head of Education at the IOSF, said“ “There have been some awesome events around the world in the past, and we are really impressed with the plans for this year’s Otter celebrations. Zoos, schools, universities, nature and conservation groups and otter-loving individuals are joining us. Otters always need our help – from the giant Amazon otter to the tiny Asian small-clawed otter. It is important to remember that we can do so little on our own, together we can do so much.”

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